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Multi Parameter

Providing you the best range of multiparamerer, multi parameter meter, portable multi parameter, multi parameter pen and pocket type, hand-held multi-parameter meter and handheld multiparameter meters am-al-01 with effective & timely delivery.


  • Multiparamerer
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Approx. Price: Rs 100 / Onwards

This compact photometer operates in three different ranges to cover virtually every COD application 0-150 mg/L, 0-1500 mg/L and 0-15000 mg/L. The HI 83099 Meets the design requirements of USEPA 410.4, guaranteeing high quality measurements suited for reporting purposes.

The HI 83099 can be operated manually of from a PC via the built-in  RS 232 port and data can be downloaded for analysis and documented with the HI 92000 application software


  • Light Source: 4 tungsten lamps with narrow band interference filter 420/525/575/610 nm
  • Light Detection: 4 silicon Photocells
  • Power Supply: 2x9V battery or 12 V dc adapter
  • Auto Shut-off: after 10 minutes of non-use
  • Environment: to 50C (32 to 122F); RH max 95% non-condensing
  • Dimensions: 230 x 165 x 70 nm
  • Weight: 640 g

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: HI-93099-02
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Onwards
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Multi Parameter Meter

Multi Parameter Meter
  • Multi Parameter Meter
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  • Large customized LCD
  • Back connector
  • Meter floats in water
  • pH, Conductivity & TDS Electrodes with ATC
  • IP67
  • Floats
  • Microprocessor Based
  • User Customizable Setup
  • Multi-point Push Button Calibration
  • Auto Buffer Recognition (pH)
  • Selectable Temperature Coefficient
  • Selectable Normalization Temperature & TDS Factor
  • Auto Ranging Capability
  • Auto-hold
  • Easy Toggle Between pH, Conductivity & TDS



pH Range-2.00 to 16.00 pH
Resolution/Accuracy0.01 pH / ± 0.01 pH
Conductivity Range0 to 19.99, 199.9, 1999 μS/cm;
19.99, 199.9 mS/cm
TDS Range0 to 9.99, 99.9, 999 ppm; 9.99, 99.9 ppt
Max. of 199.9 ppt based on factor setting
Resolution0.05% Full Scale
Accuracy± 1% Full Scale or ± 1 digit
Temperature Range0.0 to 100.0 oC (32.0 to 212 oF)
Resolution/Accuracy0.1 oC (0.1oF) / ± 0.3 oC (0.5 oF)
pH CalibrationUp to 5 points (pH1.68, 4.01, 7.00, 10.01,
pH Slope & Offset DisplayYes
Conductivity CalibrationUp to 5 points (one point per range)
Conductivity Cell Constant (k)1.0
Conductivity Temp. Coefficient0.0 to 10.0 % per oC
Conductivity to TDS
Conversion factor
Adjustable from 0.40 to 1.00
Normalization Temperature15.0 to 30.0 oC (adjustable)
Temperature CompensationAutomatic/Manual (from 0 to 80 Oc)
HOLD functionYes
DisplayCustom Dual LCD
Auto Power-off20 minutes after last key operation
InputsBNC (for pH) and 6-pin connector (for
Temperature and Conductivity)
Operating Temperature0 to 50 Oc
Power Requirements4 ‘AAA’ batteries
Battery life>100 hours
Dimensions/WeightMeter: 19 (L) x 10 (W) x 6 cm (H); 320 g
Case : 34 (L) x 40 (W) x 10 cm (H); 2.2 kg

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: CyberScan_PC_300
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Onwards
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Portable Multi Parameter

Portable Multi Parameter
  • Portable Multi Parameter
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Approx. Price: Rs 100 / Onwards
Common Features:

pH :

  • Automatic calihralMn with one up to three buffers out of nine per-programmed pH buffers
  • Reads pH with 0.01 pH resolution

mV :

  • Features mV calibration for accurate ORP measurements
  • Reads potentials with 1mV resolution

Conductivity :

  • Extend conductivity range; to measure the full range from 0.01us/cm to 1000 mS/cm requires 3 electrodes 0.1, 1 and 10 cm.
  • Selectable reference temperature: 20° or 25°C.
  • Automatically selects correct range and frequency
  • Automatic cell constant determination with any of three preprogrammed standards (0.01, or 1M KCI

Dissolved oxygen (only in TPCD 17):

  • Operates with a galvanic oxygen electrode requiring no polarization time and no zero calibration
  • Reads dissolved oxygen with 0.01 mg/l or 0.1% resolution
  • Rapid air calibration
  • Manual salinity compensation 0-40ppt
  • Manual air pressure compensation 8000-1200 hPa


  • Reads temperatures with 0.1°C resolution
  • Manual or automatic temperature compensation
  • Calibrates temperature probe for quality measurements


  • One common input for pH and mV
  • One common unput for conductivity & dissolved oxygen
  • One input for a Pt1000 automatic temperature probe
  • Low voltage DC input for a mains adapter


  • Bright LCD screen for better readability.
  • A white back light automatically illuminates when operated on the mains.
  • Stability indicator prompts the user when readings should be taken
  • The interactive LCD screen provides step by step in st-ructions in the language of your choice (English, Dutch, French, German).
  • Shows a AGLP report on the LCD screen


  • Storage memory for 300 values including temperature


Robust dust and splash proof cabinet.


TPC 17
pH0....14 pH
mV±1000 mV
Conductivity0...1000 mS/cm
Salinity0...70 ppt
TDS0...100 g/l


pH0....14 pH
mV±1000 mV
Conductivity0...1000 mS/cm
Salinity0...70 ppt
TDS0...100 g/l
Dissolved Oxygen0...20 mg/l

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: TPC-17
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Onwards
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Multi Parameter Pen and Pocket Type

Multi Parameter Pen and Pocket Type
  • Multi Parameter Pen and Pocket Type
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Approx. Price: Rs 100 / Onwards
RangeEC0.00 to 20.00 mS/cm
TDS0.00 to 10.00 ppt
Temperature0.0 to 60.0ºC / 32 to 140.0ºF
ResolutionEC0.01 ms/cm
Temperature0.1ºC . 0.1ºF
AccuracyEC±2% F.S
TDS±2% F.S
Temperature±0.5ºC / ± 1ºF
Automatic, one point at 12.88 or
6.44 g/L (ppt)
TDS Conversion
Adjustable from 0.45 to 1.00
Automatic, with 8 adjustable from 0.0 to
2.4% / ºC
Environment0 to 5ºC (32 to 122ºF); RH max 100%
4x1.5V with BEPS/ approx, 100 hours of
Battery Tyep/LifeContinuous use,
auto-off after 8 minutes of non-use
Dimensions163x40x26mm (6.4x1.6x1.0”)
Weight100g (3.5 ozc)
ProbeHI 73311 replaceable EC/TDS graphite
electrode (included)

Additional Information:

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Onwards
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Hand-Held Multi-Parameter Meter

Hand-Held Multi-Parameter Meter
  • Hand-Held Multi-Parameter Meter
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The Cyber Scan PC 10 Multi-parameter meter is equipped with an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC). The ASIC microprocessor provides a high level of sophistication with several advanced features, while maintaining a user-friendly interface.

Multi-Parameter measurement
The CyberScan PC 10 multi-parameter meter measures pH, conductivity (up to 19.99mS auto ranging) and temperature, conveniently in a single instrument.


  • Microprocessor Based pH/Conductivity/oC Meter
  • High Accuracy
  • pH : ±0.01 pH
  • Conductivity : ±1%
  • Temperature : 0.5 oC
  • Easy Push-button Calibration
  • Single-button Switch Between pH & Conductivity
  • Rugged Multi-parameter Submersible Probe
  • Large customized LCD
  • Foldable Hinge
  • Multi-parameter Probe
  • Splash-proof Keypad



pHRange0.00 to 14.00 pH
Resolution0.01 pH
Accuracy±0.01 pH
CalibrationUp to 3 points (pH 4.01, 7.00, 10.01)
with automatic buffer recognition
ConductivityRange0 to 19.99, 199.9, 1999 μS/cm
0 to 19.99 mS/cm
Resolution0.01, 0.1, 1 μS/cm
0.01 mS/cm
Accuracy±1% Full scale +1 digit
CalibrationUp to 4 points (1 point per range)
TemperatureRange0.0 to 100.0 oC
Resolution0.1 oC
Accuracy± 0.5 oC
CalibrationOffset in 0.1 oC increments
Conductivity Cell Constant (k)1.0
Conductivity Temperature
2.00% per oC
Temperature CompensationAutomatic from 0 to 50 oC
Operating Temperature0 to 50 oC
Power Requirements4 ’AAA’ Batteries
AC/DC Adapter 9V, 500 mA
Battery Life> 50 hours
Dimension / WeightMeter: 18 x 9 x 4 cm ; 220 g
Boxed: 24 x 23 x 7cm ; 600 g
Probe: 19 x 5 cm, with 3-metre cable

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: CyberScan_PC_10
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Onwards
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Handheld Multiparameter Meters Am-al-01

Handheld Multiparameter Meters Am-al-01
  • Handheld Multiparameter Meters Am-al-01
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Product Details:

Model No.AM-AL-01


Our Multipurpose Meter are handheld, waterproof and dustproof that float if dropped in liquid. Its compact design and technology helps to measure pH, Conductivity, TDS, Salt and Temperature at the same time.  An important feature of the testers is a replaceable electrode within a reusable tester body. The microprocessor-based meter gives accurate readings in fluctuating temperatures and can be easily calibrated. The meter's waterproof and dustproof housing is rugged having an IP 57 rating for protection against solid objects or liquids. A large, upright, LCD screen affords clear viewing, while a protective cap helps to reduce contamination. A silicone O-ring ensures ease of electrode module replacement. These meters are cost effective and come encased in a protective carrying pouch for safety and portability.


  • Multiparameter Measurement - pH / ORP/ Conductivity / TDS / Salt / Temperature.
  • Microprocessor based fast, reliable and accurate measurements.
  • Replaceable Electrode Module
  • Waterproof Impact resistant ABS case (IP 57)
  • Large LCD display for reading convenience
  • ATC with Auto shutoff feature.
  • Easy to Calibrate.
  • Available in a portable pouch.


Model NoAM-AL-01
Range(-)2.00 to 16.00(-)1999 to  (-)200 mV0.0 to 199.9μS0.0 to 131.9 ppm0.0 to 99.9 ppm0 to 110 Deg C
(-)199.9 to 499.9 mV200 to 1999μS132 to 1319 ppm100 to 999 ppm
500 to 2000 mV2.00 to 19.99 mS1.32 to 13.19 ppt1.00 to 9.99 ppt
20.0 to 100.0 mS13.2 to 66.0 ppt10.0 to 50.0 ppt
Accuracy+-0.01 + 1 Digit+- 2+1 digit+-2% FS+-2% FS+-2% FS+-0.2 + 1 Digit
Resolution0.01 pH1/0.1/1 mV0.1/1 μS 0.01/0.1 mS0.1/1 ppm 0.01/0.1 ppt0.1/1 ppm 0.01/0.1 ppt0.1 Deg C
CompensationATC: 0~100 ℃N/AATC: 0 to 50 Deg CATC: 0 to 50 Deg CATC: 0 to 50 Deg CN/A
PowerAAA  - DC 1.5V x 4 Batteries
Dimension42 x 33 x 183 mm
Meter Weight160 g

Literature :   AM-AL-01

Material Safety Data Sheet :   AM-AL-01


Additional Information:

  • Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer)
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